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Superjoy movement speed in proportion to distance joystick is pushed from center

I would like to have the option that if I want to move the camera slowly, I can just push the joystick to a certain degree in the desired direction.  For example, If I push the joystick 20% of its total travel distance to the left, the camera would move at 20% of it's possible maximum speed.  This would help as we follow people on the stage, as they might just move slowly at one point, but then transition to quickly moving, we can follow them without changing speed settings and just move the joystick farther to the corresponding direction of travel.

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The joystick does ramp up the speed based on the pressure placed, but it will move through the other speed settings. So if you have the speed set to 1, it would not have any speeds to ramp through so it would be on or off and that's it. If you have it set to 20, it would have a few speeds to ramp up through. It doesn't go through all the speed settings but you should get a few ramp ups. You can't get slower than that speed of 1 though, which seems to be the main hurdle to being able to follow subjects on stage. 

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