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Pan / Tilt/ Zoom Speeds in Advanced Memu PTZ Contol Software

I have two PTZ Optics cameras in the Control Software. I turn on the Advanced View to see Pan / Tilt / Zoom speeds.

I do not understand how these work. It seems you set numbers from 1-24 for each PRE-set, APPLY button. 

Pre-Sets - I have six presets for each camera (6 saved shots).  I do not understand what all these pan tilt zoom speed buttons do. You seem to set it by pre-set and hit APPLY. It does not seem to effect the speeds.

I can not find anything in your site or videos specifically explaining this.

Thanks so much,


The speeds for the cameras are as such. These are the speeds the cameras move when just panning, tilting, zooming, and focusing. You don't need to hit apply for anything except the Preset speed. 

Pan 1-24

Tilt 1-20

Zoom 1-7 

Focus 1-7

Preset 1-24

The preset speed should determine how fast the camera pans and tilts when a preset is called. If you have Motion-sync turned on, it overrides the preset speeds and they do not effect anything. Motion-sync is a setting that is supposed to make the Pan, TIlt, And Zoom all end at the same time when a preset is called. this is still a beta feature and needs work, but is still included for those that wish to use it. 

The preset speed can be a pain to use, This is actually a setting on the camera itself. If you go into the OSD menu for the camera and go down to P/T/Z, the Call preset speed, and the Pre Zoom speed affect the Pan and tilt speeds, and Zoom speeds respectively. This is setting used for all presets on that one camera. 

Is the OSD the only way to adjust the preset speeds?

I sure with they would consider programming the CGI control to allow optional speed setting commands when calling a preset with the HTTP-CGI. 

For example:

http://[camera ip]/cgi-bin/ptzctrl.cgi?ptzcmd&poscall&[position number]&[pan speed]&[tilt speed] 

Hi John,

Currently, the OSD is the best place to set the preset recall speeds.

It can be done in the free control app using the preset option too.

There is a VISCA command for setting the Preset Recall Speed but no HTTP-CGI command.

VISCA Command

Preset Recall Speed: 81 01 06 01 pp FF pp: speed grade, the values are (0x01~0x18)

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