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Small church equipment advice

We have a small church and would like to set up for steaming video similar I think to that is described in the small church room configuration brochure. Would like to go two cameras but may have to settle on just one initially.   

The church alter area is about 15ft deep by 30ft wide.  The choir loft is about 75ft back.  There are pillars on the sides every 10ft   Our prefered solution would be to mount 1 camera on a side pillar 10 or 20 feet from the alter area on the side of the lecturn and a second camera on the front of the choir loft where the mixing and camera shots would be controled.  The audio is also up there.  The network router and switch (w. PoE) is located in an office off the front of the alter area and is easy to run ethernet to.  Running ethernet to the choir loft is not so easy but doable.  

 Would also need a joystick controller and/or  software.   We do have a Asus A17 FX706II-CR52P-CA AMD Ryzen 5 4600H, 16GB DDR4, 250GB SSD, NVIDIA GTX 1650Ti, Windows 10 Pro17.3" Laptop and dual monitors.  With that information, what would you recommend for equipment considering two possible scenarios; 1 camera or two?  Also, what should be considered when choosing between USB and SDI?   Would a USB PTZ camera at the loft and a EPTZ camera on the side be recommended?

My thanks in advance.

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If you are planning on the cameras being closer to the stage on pillars, that would mean you don't need as long an optical zoom. I would say a 12x SDI G2 camera would work well. If you go back up to 75 feet with the cameras, you would want the 30x SDI G2 for the Zoom range, but if mounting closer you don't need that much. 

We have a free camera control software available, so you can always try that.  If that doesn't work for you at that point you can try a joystick. We have (3) main joysticks available. The HC JOY G3 is a serial wired joystick for the lowest cost. The PT JOY G4 would be IP or serial, and it more expensive but works very well. The Superjoy is our top of the line joystick and it would probably be a bit overkill for just 1-2 cameras. 

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