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Automate pan on PTZ

 Is there a way to create an automated pan (ie. frame moving across a choir while singing) using the PTZ cameras in VMIX?  I'd like to be able to set a predefined pan to use on a live stream.

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Hi Tom,

Thanks for coming to the PTZOptics forum.

One point of clarification that will help provide the best possible solution... 

are you looking for the movement to stop once the pan has reached the end of the choir or are you looking for the pan to move between two (2) defined positions?

Using vMix to move the camera to specific location...

Add your cameras as a source in vMix then click the setup cog in the lower right corner of the source to find the "PTZ" settings option

In the "PTZ" interface you select "PTZOptics VISCA UDP" and enter the IP address of your camera finally clicking [CONNECT]

Now set the camera to your desired starting point for the pan using the directional pad and zoom controls and when satisfied click [Create Input at this Position]

Now move the camera to the end of the desired pan and when satisfied click [Create Input at this Position] 

You should now have two (2) additional "virtual" inputs available to use in vMix that will act as a preset recall when the source is used.

vMix Reference Article: 

Unfortunately I am not currently aware of a complete method to achieve the later of moving between two unique locations but have a feeling that using the vMix Triggers might enable such an ability.

Please find another vMix reference article on the use of triggers

I hope this information is helpful towards achieving your desired production goal within vMix.

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