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SDI output and Mainstream setting

I have a PT-30X -SDI camera and need to know if the mainstream configuration affect the resolution and frame rate of video on the SDI connector or are they independent.



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Hello John,

Are you referring to the First and Second Stream settings located in the Web Interface of the camera?

Those options are for the Network video feed only and the System Select dial on the back of the camera controls the SDI output resolution/framerate.

There is one option in the Web Interface that can affect the SDI output, that would be the Video Format. 

If the Video Format is set to 60 or 50 HZ, that will only allow the SDI output to use either 60 or 30 fps when set to 60 Hz and 50 or 25 fps when it is set to 50 Hz.

If you leave the Video Format set to Dial Priority the camera will be able to use any of the available resolution/framerate combinations. 

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