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Remote Access using Hotspot

I'd like to set up a camera in a remote outdoor location with a mobile hotspot. Is there a way to access the camera remotely from my office using the camera's ip address? 

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Hi Jeff,

The easiest method of accomplishing this would be to have a hotspot that supports DDNS (Dynamic DNS).

With Dynamic DNS enabled on the hotspot / router you would be able to have a URL that would re-direct you to the constantly updating public IP address assigned by your wireless provider.

It may require some research on the hotspot options available to you to find one that does specifically support the DDNS capability.

Of note here are at least two (2) respect DDNS services available to possibly aid in finding all of the pieces for a complete solution. (DynamicDNS) (NO-IP)

If you did not require control of the camera but only wished to view the live feed you could accomplish this by using the RTMP capabilities to send video to YouTube, FaceBook, etc...

As you can see this is easily accomplish in comparison but obviously would depend on if you want full ability to adjust the camera remotely or not.

The only other option would be having a PC on location as well, complicating the setup, but would allow for use of solutions such as...

NDI Bridge (If you have an NDI enabled product)

MediaLooks Bridge

VPN Services

Remote Desktop Services (LogMeIn, Parsec, etc...)

DynamicDNS Services

I hope this message is helpful towards finding the right solution for your setup and if you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to return to the PTZOptics forums.

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