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How to record raw camera footage


I have got 2 ptz optics 12x SDI camera's . I wanted to know how can i record the raw footage on each of my cameras. These cam's have a USB 2.0 Slot at back, so is it possible to connect a SSD and the footage be recorded on that or any other portable storage device that can record footage without the need of any laptop or screen like it normally happens  in most of the cameras. 

My second question is, in the user manual booklet it states that it has a feature of freeze image . I wanted to understand how can I use this image freeze feature when I'm changing the camera position from one scene to a different one. 

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The USB 2.0 port on the back of the SDI cameras is not a video output and you would not be capable of recording video through that connection.

In order to record the video from the cameras you would need to use one of the other outputs from the camera (SDI, HDMI, network). And you could either bring the feeds into some sort of hardware device capable of recording or bring the video into software on a computer and set up the recording within the software. I know vMix is one option that is capable of recording the raw feed from multiple video inputs. 

As for the Image Freeze option, that can be enabled through the OSD menu of the camera. The Image Freeze option will be listed under the P/T/Z sub menu. 

Just toggle that option to On in the OSD menu, press enter, back out of the menu and then Reboot the camera.

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