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Visca commands in JavaScript?

Is it possible to send VISCA commands using vanilla JavaScript? I’ve written some Python scripts that can successfully control the camera, but I’m building an html app and hoping to use JS to control features beyond what http calls can do using VISCA. So, for example, an html button that sends the command to the camera to switch to low light exposure or to manually trigger the auto-focus mechanism.


Is this possible or am I going to have to use some other framework to make this happen in a local web app? I've just started learning JS, so I don’t really have a good idea how to implement this and haven't been able to find good examples.


If JS won’t work, I'd welcome any suggestions of how I could create a local web app that can send VISCA commands.




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Hi John Clark,

So no expert here but have done a bit research on the topic and can offer the following insights...

It seems that vanilla JS requires the use of a browser and as a result I'm pretty sure you are stuck with HTTP through requests / fetch / websockets.... 

I would recommend looking at Node.js which has the ability to do this. This can be vanilla js if you are just using node instead of the browser to house the code.

I hope this information helps guide you to the desired solution for your project.

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