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SuperJoy minimum pan speed

I have a PTZOptics 30XSDI and SuperJoy connected via IP (through a PoE switch).  We are currently not using pan on the live camera feed because we cannot seem to get the joystick to pan smoothly from the stopped position.  We use video game controllers very successfully on our non-main cameras that are on gymbals.  We are able to pan much more slowly with those.  

For some reason, when we ever so slightly move the SuperJoy joystick to the left and right, nothing happens.  If we move it further to the side it does start to pan but it jerks from the start and the min speed still seems too fast.

Tilting up and down looks smoother to me with this joystick but I rarely need to tilt much.

I know that the buttons "PAN SPEED UP" and "PAN SPEED DOWN" control the top end pan speed, but I want more control over the bottom end pan speed.

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