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External Display not Working

Yesterday my PTZ camera setup with the PTZ Optics SuperJoy Controller was working perfectly.  Today I turn everything back on and the SuperJoy's external display (HDMI out) feature is not working.  In OBS, I can see that the controller is working just fine with our PTZ camera but I can't get the controller to show the camera feed on the screen.

On the controller, the only thing out of the ordinary on the LCD screen is that it says "Rstp: Enable(Invalid Resolution)".  I have no idea why everything was working well yesterday and now the controller is giving me messages like this.  I know knowing about Rstp except that I can access those settings on the PTZ camera we're using.  Will someone please help me fix this issue so my camera operator has a preview of the cameras they are controlling?  Thanks in advance for the help.

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It sounds like something is off with the resolution of the RTSP feed being pulled into the Superjoy. The Superjoy sends out a set resolution but it seems to scale the RTSP feed pretty well. Do you know what model cameras you are using and what the RTSP feed resolution is set to? If you reach out we can troubleshoot together as well, 

Support Number - 484 593 2584. 

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8am to 4pm F. 

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