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Motion sync keeps turning off

I have two identical PTZOptics 30x SDI (Gen 2) cameras controlled over IP. One has firmware about a year old (camera 2) and one has firmware downloaded and installed 11/9/22. Motion sync works fine on camera 2 (earlier firmware) but doesn't work at all in camera 1. I can set it on ok but whenever I switch between presets it turns off without affecting that transition. If I don't do a preset change it stays on.
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Hi William,

The latest firmware update for the cameras changed how presets are saved. 

Now when a preset is saved, it saves the OSD menu options in addition to the pan, tilt, zoom, and focus info.

This means that any presets saved prior to the firmware upgrade will revert to using default menu options. That is why Motion Sync is turning Off when you call presets.

We did this so that you can set up presets that have various options for different conditions.

I would recommend clearing your old presets, adjust your OSD options as needed (enable Motion Sync), then re-save your presets. That way Motion Sync will be turned on for all of your presets.  

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