It is fairly common that someone may not be able to find their cameras from the IP address setting tool, even when the camera and the computer are on the same network. This could be due to a numerous amount of factors. It is always recommended that if you cannot see your camera from the IP address setting tool, you should power cycle your camera, and if that does not work, you would need to restart your computer. If that still does not work, you can press Star, pound, manual in sequence using the IR remote control. This will reset your cameras IP settings and should bring the camera back to its default IP address of If you still cannot see the camera when you search in the IP address setting tool, please follow the steps below to set your computers IP address to be in the range of the camera. 

If you cannot use our IP address setting tool please follow the steps below to gain control of your PTZOptics camera over your network

  1. Request a static IP (IP, Subnet mask, Router/Gateway, DNS Server) from your network administrator that will be assigned to the camera
  2. Connect your camera to your existing network that your PC is also connected to
  3. A wired network connection to your PC is preferred over WiFi, as some wireless networks are kept separate (such as guest networks). 
  4. Power on everything.
  5. The camera comes with a default static IP address of; this can be verified by connecting your PTZOptics camera via USB (to a computer), HDMI or SDI to a display and entering the following sequence of keys on the remote * # 4
  6. Once you have verified the static IP address of the camera we need to set a static IP address for your PC to communicate with the camera please follow these instructions to assign your PC the following static IP address, as long as your camera is currently set to the default static IP of;   IP Address: Subnet Mask: Router: DNS Server: and click "Apply"
  7. We recommend using the browser Midori  for interacting with the PTZOptics camera for complete functionality but all browsers should allow you to make administrative changes to the camera
  8. Open your web browser and type in
  9. The username is "admin" and the password is "admin" and click "Login"
  10. Once into the cameras administrative settings click on "Network" along the left side panel
  11. Under "Lan Settings" enter the Static IP information provided from the network administrator into the appropriate fields.
  12. Click "Apply" at the bottom of the page
  13. Click on the "System" option along the left hand side
  14. Click the "Reboot" button
  15. Now you need to go back and change your PC from having the Static IP address as set in step 5 back to "Using DHCP" or "Automatic"
  16. You should now be able to type in the Static IP address supplied by the network administrator into a browser and reach the camera from any PC on the network.

Once the IP address has been set it will not change so you should not need to repeat these steps again unless your network configuration changes in the future.