If you need to change the resolution of the camera, it is done through the On Screen Display of your PTZOptics VL Zcam. The only output the OSD will show up on is the SDI output. This means you will need to be able to get signal via SDI to a monitor before you can set the resolution. This is kind of backwards because a lot of SDI input devices require specific resolutions to work. 

If you follow these steps you should be able to adjust the resolution of your camera without navigating the OSD. 

  1. Press "OK" button.
  2. Press the "down arrow" 4 times.
  3. Press "OK" button
  4. Press the "down arrow" 4 times.
  5. From here, you would press the right arrow to cycle through Different resolutions. 
  6. It starts on 720p60. 1 Press of the right arrow is 720p50, 2 button presses is 1080i50, 3 is 1080i60, 4 is 1080p30, 5 is 1080p25, and 6 is back to 720p60. 
  7. Now, to get out of the menu, press down 3 times.
  8. Press OK button
  9. Press down 3 times,
  10. Press Ok button