You can control the camera in the following ways:

  1. IR remote control - Included with each camera.
  • Hardware Joystick - The cameras can be controlled using the VISCA, Pelco-D, and Pelco-P protocols. This can be connected to multiple cameras directly or in sequence using RS-485, or in sequence using RS-232. RS-232 also requires specialized cascade cables that swap send and receive signals between each camera. you can refer to the article HERE for setup instructions for this.
  1. Network Control
  • Web Browser - If the cameras are networked, you can control them by entering the IP address as the URL in a web browser (currently Opera is one of the few web browsers that also supports viewing the cameras over the network).
  • IP Joystick - We are adding a new joystick to our product line that can control the cameras directly over the network.
  • Software - There are three main software that can be used for network control, Onvif Device Manager (free), PTZoptics camera control application (free), and Rocosoft PTZOptics IP Camera Control Software (paid).
  1. Software -
    • USB Connection - If you have a direct USB connection between the camera/cameras and the PC that you would like to use for control, you can use the Rocosoft PTZOptics UVC Control Software (paid).
    • RS-232 Connection - If the camera/cameras will not be connected to the PC that you would like to use for control by USB, you would need to run a separate RS-232 line from the camera to the PC and use a DB9 to USB Converter. You could then control the camera using the Rocosoft VISCA Camera Control Software (paid).