The PTZOptics camera offers 5 video outputs between both models. You have IP streaming out, HDMI out, HD-SDI out, USB out, and composite video out.

All of these methods have different ways to adjust the resolution for the stream. 

  • For HD_SDI, HDMI, and composite video, you can adjust the resolution using the rotary dial on the back. The composite video out (cvbs) will not work unless the rotary dial is set to either 480i or 576i, dial settings D and E respectively. Please be sure to power cycle your camera after a change to have it take effect.

  • For IP stream, you would use the IP interface of your camera. This can be donw by typing in the IP address of your camera into a search browser. Please make sure your camera is on your network (if you need help setting this up, please see this guide) There are 2 streams available to you in the "video" section of the IP interface. The first stream is the regular stream meant for viewing on computers. The second feed is much lower resolution and is meant for viewing on tablets or phones.

  • For USB out, the method is dependent on the generation camera you have. 
    • If you have a Gen 1 camera (if you look at the model number, it should NOT say G2) you would use the rotary dial on the back to set the resolution. 
    • If you have a  Gen 2 (G2) camera, you would need to use the program AMCAP. This is a Windows only program but once you set the resolution of the camera using it, those changes will be held on the camera itself. So you can use the program to set the resolution, then power down your camera and hook it up elsewhere and it should have saved those changes.