EDIT 1/31/17 - All of the G2 SDI model cameras now have POE built in. No need for any adapters, just power it using a POE switch. The PTZOptics cameras are a Class 3 "Mid-Power" device using 802.3af. The average load usually falls between 7 - 9 Watts in testing during actual use. The below information still applies to all of the USB model cameras, and all G1 SDI models. 

The USB cameras do not have PoE built in, but there are solutions out there that work very nicely to utilize PoE for the cameras. We have tested this device from Wifi Texas (be sure to choose 12 volt) and it works very well. The device does not have a compatible Power plug with the PTZOptics cameras, but one can be purchased very easily and soldered on with little effort. The specs for the power connector of the PTZoptics cameras are listed below. 

The power adapter for the PTZ optics camera is a EIAJ-04-Philmore255

Out side Diameter - 5.50mm

Inside Diameter - 3.50mm

Shaft - 9.90mm

Center Pin - 1mm - positive

Outer - negative