To utilize the IR shortcuts you will need to press the displayed key combinations in succession to achieve the desired command.

For example if trying to display the current IP assignment using [*] + [#] + [4] we would first press the [*] button on the IR remote, then the [#] button on the IR remote and finally we would press the [4] button on the IR remote to have the camera display it's current IP configuration

IR Address Assignment

Allows you to assign your camera to a different IR Address so that you can control multiple cameras, up to four (4), from a single PTZOptics IR remote. 

[*] + [#] + [F1]: Assign to IR Address 1
[*] + [#] + [F2]: Assign to IR Address 2 
[*] + [#] + [F3]: Assign to IR Address 3 
[*] + [#] + [F4]: Assign to IR Address 4  

It is advisable to only have one (1) camera powered on at a time when performing changes to cameras that are not already assigned a unique IR Address.

Now to begin controlling the cameras after assignment simply press the corresponding "Camera Select" button on the IR Remote to the IR Assignment you made above.

If you believe your IR Remote has stopped working it is worth checking to make sure that your cameras IR Address and the IR Remotes "Camera Select" are matching.

Image Adjustment

Allows you to quickly flip the image vertically if the camera has been installed inverted or "upside-down"

[*] + [#] + [9]: Quickly set mounting mode (vertical flip / normal)

DHCP & Static IP Address Assignment and IP Inquiry

Use the following commands to quickly modify the current network configuration between DHCP and our quick-set static IPs as listed below. You can also view the current IP configuration or reset to the factory default network settings.

[*] + [#] + [4]: Displays current IP address

[#] + [*] + [4]: Set network configuration to DHCP

[*] + [#] + [MANUAL]: Resets network configuration to factory default

[#] + [*] + [#] + [1]: Assign a Static IP address of
[#] + [*] + [#] + [2]: Assign a Static IP address of
[#] + [*] + [#] + [3]: Assign a Static IP address of
[#] + [*] + [#] + [4]: Assign a Static IP address of
[#] + [*] + [#] + [5]: Assign a Static IP address of
[#] + [*] + [#] + [6]: Assign a Static IP address of
[#] + [*] + [#] + [7]: Assign a Static IP address of
[#] + [*] + [#] + [8]: Assign a Static IP address of
[#] + [*] + [#] + [9]: Assign a Static IP address of
[#] + [*] + [#] + [0]: Assign a Static IP address of

Performing a factory default reset on the network configuration only resets the network configuration information and does not reset any custom passwords or control port assignments that have been made from the Web Interface.

System Operations

The following commands will allow you to factory default any OSD adjustment that have been made to the cameras image or to showcase the currently installed firmware version.

[*] + [#] + [6]: Quick System Restore (System Defaults)
[*] + [#] + [8]: Show the camera firmware version

You can always locate the latest PTZOptics firmware available by using the PTZOptics Firmware Finder.

OSD Language Adjustment

The PTZOptics cameras feature the ability to quick change between English or Chinese language support by using the following commands for quick adjustment.

[*] + [#] + [1]: Displays OSD menu in English
[*] + [#] + [3]: Displays OSD menu in Chinese

Please watch the following video covering the use of the PTZOptics IR Remote functions in more detail

Notes on IR Control and PTZOptics cameras...

IR will typically offer control up to 30' (10 meters) before the signal is no longer able to reliably reach the camera. This distance can be even more limited if other IR emitting sources are in the same room.

IR requires line of sight for proper operation. The IR Receivers in the cameras are located about 1/2" to the right of the "Power" light and about 1/2" to the left of the "Standby" light as pictured.

If you need to extend the IR signal to a location that does not offer line of sight to the camera you can explore IR extension solutions such as those offered by Xantech

You are unable to utilize a standard Universal IR Remote with the PTZOptics platform.

PTZOptics Support Information

If you continue to experience problems we'll be happy to try and assist you further by contacting the PTZOptics support team via one (1) of the methods listed below

PTZOptics Support Information

Phone: 1-800-486-5276 x.1004



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