• Gen 2 Serial Controller: If you need to open the OSD (On Screed Display) of your camera using the serial joystick you can do this by calling preset 95. This can be done by pressing the "Call" button, then 95 on the keypad and finally Enter. Make sure you are able to see an active video feed in order to navigate this on-screen menu. Once in the onscreen menu, the joystick itself is used to move the cursor and the "IRIS+" is used for the enter button. The "IRIS -" is used to go back. 

    Please keep in mind that for some things that are changed on this onscreen menu, the camera may         have to be rebooted. The serial joystick has no way of doing this.

  • Gen 3 Serial Controller: To pull up the OSD menu on the Gen 3 controller, you simply push the OSD button. The Enter button is OSD Enter and the Back button is OSD Back.

edited: 02/22/2019 SR