So what happens here is most likely an issue during the firmware upgrade. Doing the backup and restore sections of the firmware process is what actually locks in the MAC address for the camera, and the MAC address is what the NDI license uses to make its registration. So if the MAC address changes, the NDI license is lost. 

If you find that this happens to you, the first thing to do would be to put in a ticket with PTZOptics to let us know that your NDI license needs to be reset. Please provide us with your NDI license number and the serial number of the camera you have and we will get in touch with Newtek to get the license released for you. 

Next, follow these instructions to get the firmware correctly put onto your camera. 

1. Download a separate upgrade 2.6 tool for each camera you wish to upgrade. 

2. Name the folder of these tools based off of the serial number and MAC address of your camera (can be found in the upgrade tool or the IP interface of the camera). 

3. Do the full firmware update, starting with pulling the backup. Make sure to note the IP address of your camera when you pull the backup. 

4. Once the firmware process is done, it will have reverted back to its default IP address of Please change this back to what it was in step 3. 

5. Now restore the backup. Once this finishes, restore it again just to be sure the backup has taken and the MAC address is locked in place. 

6. Now, you should be good to activate NDI on the camera.

7. If you ever have any issues with NDI and this camera, you can run the upgrade tool in the folder for that camera, and just restore the backup to get NDI working again. Since the backup stores the MAC address and that is what the NDI license uses for it's registration, restoring the backup should make the NDI work again.