Our support hours for taking calls are 8am to 5pm EST Monday through Friday. 610 518 2200. These hours fluctuate as we do have most major holidays off, I will list our holidays off below. We also close due to inclimate weather at times as well. In support, we do work from home if we cant get into the office so we still should be available unless power outages or other events cause us to not be available. 

If you need to reach us outside of those hours, chances are no one is going to be around. The best way to ensure we get back to you first thing is to put in a ticket on PTZOptics.com. Let us know as much detail about your issue as possible. Voicemails often get lost and don't ensure that we will get back to you. We do our best to allow our support staff to have a life outside of helping our customers so we don't do meetings outside of our standard support hours. 

We have (3) people working in support, Andy Chatfield and Sean Regan working taking calls and tickets and we have Colin Bolehala handling return testing and the PTZoptics Chat. We are only (3) people and we do get busy. Please be patient if you have put in a ticket, but if you call in feel free to keep calling until you get through. 


Labor Day 9-2-2019

Thanksgiving 11-28,-2019

Black Friday 11-29-2019

Christmas 12-25-2019

New Years Eve 12-31-2019

New Years Day 1-01-2020