Here is the link for the app, download the MAC version of this. 

Once it is downloaded, you can double click on the installer to install the software. If you get the message "the application "PTZOptics" can't be opened you may need to allow the software to run. 

  1. Go into System Preferences. 
  2. Go into Security & Privacy
  3. Choose the General Tab. 

At the bottom, you should see a message saying "System software from developer "Legacy Developer: Jmicron" was blocked from Loading". 

Under that message in the bottom left of the window, there should be a little lock symbol. If you click that, you should be able to enter the credentials for your MAC.

  1. After unzipping the contents of, Ctrl Click on the file and choose “Show Package Contents” on the PTZOptics package file 

  2. Then, on the Mac OS folder, “Right Click (CTRL click)> New Terminal Tab at Folder”

  3. Then Run this command in terminal (please note the following command is case sensitive so you may want to copy and paste the command): sudo chmod +x PTZOptics

Then, click the "allow" button to allow the software to run on this MAC. 

Now, try and install the software. If it does not work, please follow the instructions below. 

This should allow the software to run. If you go back to the software file, and ctrl click, and choose open, you should get the option to "open" the software. Once this is done it will open fine each time you open the software. 

Please contact support if you are still having issues.

Support can be reached M-F 8AM-6PM EST.