Warning: Setting or adjusting network settings without talking to your network administrator could lead to conflicts with other equipment on your network. If you change your address to one that is already is use it will cause communication problems. We highly advise discussing your deployment with the person who manages your network before implementing any changes based on information discovered using the methods below.


If you need to discover the IP address information for your network you can use command prompt for Windows or Terminal for Macs and following the steps shared below.

Discovering your Network IP Information on a Windows PC


To do this on a PC, you would type “CMD” into your search bar in the Windows menu. You should see a black box pop up with the ability to type in the box.   


If you type “ipconfig” and hit “Enter” on your keyboard you will see a bunch of information pop up in your command prompt.  

This information is all the various ways your computer has to connect to a network. There is usually a Local area connection one, and then a Wireless one, but sometimes bluetooth or other ethernet ones. You should be using the ethernet one, or local area connection. In my example below, I only have a wireless network connection, and a wired one, and they both have the same IP scheme. 


       The “Ethernet adapter local area connection” is the one I want to use the IP scheme from,        

       because that is the wired connection to my computer and since the camera is only wired into 

       my network, that has to be where my camera is. When you see “IPV4 Address” that is your 

       computers IP address on your current network. So you would use the first 3 sets of numbers 

       from this as your IP range

Discovering your Network IP Information on a Mac OS PC


If you need to find the IP range of your MAC computer, you would first open a new finder window and then go to Applications, and then Utilities. You should see the program “Terminal” in that menu, select that program.  


Now, you would type in “ipconfig getifaddr en0” Once you type this string and click “Enter” on your keyboard you will receive back an IP address.  


So the IP range of my network, according to my MAC is 192.168.111.xxx, you can use this to figure out the IP range in which your camera needs to be set.