The OSD can be accessed from numerous locations. You will see the OSD come up overtop of any video feed from the cameras except RTSP feed #2. So you will have to have live video from the camera before you will see the OSD come up. 

  1. The menu button on the IR remote control that comes with the camera. 

  1. The dropdown on the cameras WEB Gui - This says PTZ by default, if you change it to be OSD it brings up the OSD and you can use the buttons to navigate it. You can access the OSD by typing the IP address into a browser (admin for username and password) You do need the camera to up on the network for this to work. 

NOTE: Since the only stream you can see if the WEBGui is the RTSP stream #2, you will not see the OSD on this page.

  1. The PTZoptics control application has a preview window and OSD controls; just go to View, advanced view, and the OSD controls are at the bottom. You do need the camera to up on the network for this to work.

All of the settings available in the OSD are gone over in the manual for your camera. You can find the manual in our resource library.

Please contact support if you are still having issues.