This article goes over the best way to enable the video player on the cameras web UI for the PTZOptics cameras.      

(all G2 models)

Please note: it is not advised to use safari as it does not handle this video well but any other browser will work. 

Most major browsers do not natively have the ability to pull in RTSP streams at H.264. Previously our cameras used the VLC plugin to allow this to happen, but recently most browsers saw this as a security hole and stopped supporting this plugin. This makes the video preview on the camera's browser UI show the message "Plugin Not Supported" or "Download Player".

  1. Make sure that your camera has been set up with an IP address on your network. Instructions can be found HERE.
  2. Once the camera has an address on your network, you will want to open a web browser (again any browser other than Safari will work) and put the IP address into the address bar.
  3. IF the IP address is correct you will be prompted for a username and password as seen below. username: admin  password: admin

  1. In the web interface, you will see that the video player says "Plugin Not Supported". Go to the Video section on the left side as seen in the picture below.

  1. On the Video page, go to the bottom where you see "SECOND STREAM" in red and change the Encode Protocol from H.264 to MJPEG, and hit the "Apply" button.

  1. Then go to the System page on the left-hand side and hit "Reboot".

  1. The camera will take around 15 seconds to reboot. Once rebooted, you need to refresh the page. You should see the video. If you don't, you will want to change the drop-down below the player to JPEG.

Please contact Support if you need assistance.

Support can be reached M-F 8AM-6PM EST.