Using the NDI® Discovery Server may help mitigate certain issues related to mDNS traffic on computer networks. This guide will demonstrate how to install and start the NDI® Discovery Server, then it will show you how to connect your cameras and computer to the server.

  1. The NDI® Discovery Server is located in the NDI® SDK. You will need to download the NDI®  SDK here:
  2. The NDI® Discovery Server is a lightweight application that can run on your computer. You will need to know the IP address of the computer on which it is running. We recommend setting a static IP address on this computer.
  3. Once you have downloaded the NDI® SDK, you will need to navigate to the Discovery Server folder: 

                    C:\Program Files\NewTek\NDI® 4 SDK\Bin\Utilities\x64\

  1. The file is “NewTek NDI® Discovery Service.exe”. Double Click on this application to start the NDI® Discovery Server. You will see a window like the following:

  1. Right now, there are 0 NDI® Sources and 0 NDI® Listeners 
  2. Navigate to the NDI®  Config section of a NDIv4 camera. You will enable the discovery server and then enter the server’s IP address:

  1. After Applying this information and rebooting the camera, you should see 1 Source listed in the NDI® Discovery Server. This is your camera:

  1. Now, we need to point your computer to the NDI® Discovery Server. Open NDI®  Access Manager, and click on the Advanced tab:

  1. Here you will select “Use Discovery Server” and enter the IP address of your discovery server. Click OK
  2. Open NDI®  Studio Monitor. You should see a new Listener appear in your NDI® Discovery Server. 

NDI® is now using your computer for discovery instead of mDNS. Do this on all NDI® sources and listeners on your network.