Sony and Panasonic NDI®|HX cameras currently use version 3 of NDI®|HX, which is not compatible with the NDI®|HX version 4 control used on the SuperJoy. Fortunately, NDI provides the Bridge application in NDI version 5 tools. You can use the NDI Bridge with your PC and the SuperJoy to control your Sony and Panasonic NDI®|HX cameras.

This guide will use a Panasonic AW-HN40 camera as an example.

  1. Before starting the NDI Bridge, confirm that you can see your camera as a source in NDI Studio Monitor. For this guide, the NDI Local Device name of “AW-HN40” and contains “Channel 1” as the NDI source:

  1. By default, the camera is in the NDI Group: Public. This guide will assume your camera is also in the “Public” NDI group.
  2. Start NDI Bridge. Navigate to the “Local” tab at the top right of the window. You can Change your Encoder Settings; the default settings will work with this guide. Click “Start”:

  3. NDI Bridge will rebroadcast all NDI sources from the group “Public” through a new NDI Device Name: “[PC NAME]-Bridge”. Here is an example from Studio Monitor, and with a Panasonic AW-HN40 is a source:

  1. Every device that is transcoded through the NDI bridge will have a unique port number assigned to it. You will use this port number with your computer’s IP address to control your camera.

  2. To find the port number, you need to telnet to your PC. This guide will use PuTTY for Telnet

  3. Open PuTTY. Enter in Hostname. Change the Connection Type to Other->Telnet. Change the port to 5960. Click Open:

  1. Text will be displayed on the resulting screen. You will need to find the name of your NDI source and the associated port number. The source for the Panasonic AW-HN40 is “GEOFF-PC-BRIDGE (AW-HN40 (Channel 1))”. It is on port 5961:

  1. This PC’s IP Address is Therefore, the Panasonic AW-HN40 is available at port 5961 of
  2. Now, you will add this camera to the SuperJoy through the WebUI. Navigate to the Devices tab of the WebUI and Modify a camera source and add the following information:

  1. Once this information is saved, you will be able to use your SuperJoy to control you Sony or Panasonic NDI®|HX  camera through the NDI protocol.