The app is not connecting to my camera. 

If you are unable to connect to your camera through the app, make sure you entered the correct IP address and port information. If this information is correct, make sure you are connected to the same network as your camera or have correctly set up port forwarding if you are not on the same network. Finally, try killing the app and relaunching it. If you are still having trouble, email and we’ll be happy to help.

How do I add a camera?

To add a camera, tap the plus icon in the top right.  

Is my camera supported? 

The app works great with any camera adhering to the PTZOptics VISCA over IP protocol.

I am not satisfied with the app. I want a refund. 

Since the app was purchased on the iOS App Store, you will need to contact Apple for a refund.

Where can I find my camera’s IP address? 

You can find this in your router’s settings. If you’re using a PTZOptics camera, you can use the Upgrade Tool for discovery. Click here for the information for the Upgrade Tool.

Where do I find the VISCA port? 

It should be on your camera’s webpage. Enter the camera's IP address into a browser address bar to bring up the webpage.

On PTZOptics cameras (which we used to test the app) it is the field titled “PTZ Port:” and is 5678 by default. 

What is the RTSP port?

You can find this in the camera’s settings. This is how the app gets the live feed from your camera

I have a question that is not listed here. 

Contact ASAP. 

The App is great!  

Well, then we’d appreciate a positive review. :)