These steps will help you determine the model camera you have and when it was produced. Using this information will help you load the correct firmware to your camera.

Camera firmware for all the cameras can be found HERE.

  1. The serial number of a camera can be found printed on the bottom of the camera, by using the IR remote by putting in the command (*) + (#) + (8), or in the web interface of the camera which cam be accessed by putting the camera's IP address into a web browser and going to "Information".
  2. Some of the older cameras will have the model of the camera in the serial number.
    •  example: a camera with the serial number 20XSDIGYG216000056 would be a 20X-SDI-GY-G2 produced in 2016 and it would be best to contact support so we can tell you which firmware to load.
  3. For all others the first letter of the serial number indicates the camera model. the chart below shows which model corresponds to which letter (please note some of the Z cams are slightly different):

  • The second letter on the serial number indicates the year the camera was produced as seen in the chart below.

Please contact support if you are having any issues or if there is anything we can help with. 

You can reach us using one of the following methods: