1. Confirm your camera model.
    • Using the camera's serial number is the best way to figure out what model camera you have and the article HERE can help you figure that out.
    • If you're unsure and the serial number doesn't match the examples, reach out to support.
  2. Check your current firmware version to see what firmware is needed or if the firmware is needed.
    • The important value to look for when looking for the firmware version is the SOC version.
    • This version can be found in the camera's web interface by putting the IP address into a web browser, using the IR remote, and putting in the command (*) + (#) + (8) or using the Upgrade tool and querying the camera in the upgrade section.
    • The first number in the SOC version would indicate if it was PoE (v6.xx.xx) or Non-PoE (v7.xx.xx). as an example cameras that have a SOC version of something like 6.2.85 would be considered a PoE camera and thus would need PoE firmware, whereas a camera with a SOC version of something like 7.2.39 would be for a ZCam or a NON-PoE camera.
    • While in the web interface make sure to go to the "network tab" and look at your camera's mac addresses and see if it starts with a D4 or DC and make sure to take note of this.
    • The example below will show you a PoE camera:

  • Putting PoE firmware on a Non-PoE unit or putting Non-PoE firmware on a PoE unit WILL CAUSE ISSUES, so if you are unsure of whether which one you have please contact support.
  • the changelog found https://ptzoptics.com/firmware-changelog/HERE or on ptzoptics.com ---> resources ---> firmware ---> firmware changelog. this changelog will show you the current firmware version for your unit and what changes this firmware would have.

3. Download the correct firmware.

  • All the PTZOptics firmware can be found at https://ptzoptics.com/latest-firmware-files/
  • Make sure to find the model of camera you found and download the firmware bundle for that camera.
  • The below example would be the firmware bundle you would want to download for a 30X SDI or NDI

  • This firmware bundle will include the firmware file, the upgrade tool needed for firmware upgrade (both Mac and Windows), and the instructions to load the camera firmware.
  • Please note: If you are on a PC you will want to use the "Windows upgrade V2.8C" and the Mac address you noted above will tell you if you want the "old Mac (D4)" or the "new Mac (DC)" 

Please contact support if you are having any issues or if there is anything we can help with. 

Our award-winning support team can be reached Monday - Friday from 8 am until 6 pm Eastern Standard time.

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