PTZOptics now offers completely open source control software you can use to control any PTZOptics camera over the network. We only ask that you keep it open source and submit any improvements made to the community. 

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New: Ready-Made IP Camera Controllers!

We are extremely excited to announce the latest “Ready-Made” PTZOptics IP camera controllers we have released as “open source”. This does mean they will have limited support from PTZOptics but it also means they can be completely customized to any project (available under the GPL 3.0 license). We have even seen some programmers (ProperNerd) create stand alone Windows and OSX applications from these files.

The PTZOptics Ready-Made IP Camera Controllers are a set of open source files pre-configured for a standard users in broadcast, corporate, house of worship and education. It features (6) easily configurable image based preset buttons and (3) additional presets buttons along with the standard Pan, Tilt, Zoom and Focus buttons. We have designed these pre-made controllers to be extremely easy to customize and you do not need to know HTML in order to change the buttons. If you know HTML/CSS or other web based languages these files are completely open source so feel to change them to fit you next project.

Below you will see the set of four (4) live broadcast camera controllers that are pre-configured for standard classrooms, conference rooms and auditoriums for live events. Each features a set of icons you you can change without needing to touch the HTML (if you don’t want to). We have a folder for each controller called “Presets”. Each folder contains a .PSD (Adobe Photoshop file) along with (6) six .png files you can change and alter. To change a icon on a button simply replace the .png file with the icon you want the preset to be. It’s that simple!