Yes we can. The Decimator MD-HX is a fantastic little device that will let you change the framerate and resolution of any HD-SDI or HDMI signal. The setup is fairly easy and the process is listed below. 

1. Navigate to “Control” by pressing the > button.

2. Press Enter to select Control.

3. Press the > until you see “SDI OUT SOURCE”.

4. Press Enter repeatedly until you see “Scaler” underneath.

5. Press the < until you see “Output 1 is loop”

6. Make sure it is set to “No” 

7. Press Back to get back to the main menu.

8. Press > to get to “Scaling”.

9. Press Enter.

10. Navigate to “Output Format”.

11. Press Enter to select it.

12. Set it to “1080p29.97" If your device is looking for a different resolution just set the Decimator output format to whatever resolution your device is looking for.