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Isolate NDI network?

Hello. We're looking at updating our church camera system and I like the idea of using the NDI products.

We are using Wirecast.

An item that came to mind the other day was would it be possible and/or beneficial to have the cameras and joystick controller on a network separate from the network that handles the normal streaming and internet traffic. I realize this would require another NIC in the Wirecast computer.

My thought was that this would reduce traffic on the normal network. I have no need to multicast.

Thanks for your help!

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Hi Steven,

This is a fantastic question and one that is often not considered.

It is highly recommended, when possible, to separate the production traffic from the normal data network.

This can be done as two physically separate networks or utilizing VLANs; whichever is of most comfort.

If you have any other specific questions about deploying in such a manner please feel free to come back any other questions, ideas or concerns.

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