Hello AV & IT Pros!

In this video Paul Richards reviews, how to download and run the PTZOptics Open Source Camera Control Software which is made of simple HTML/CSS/JavaScript meaning it can run with any modern web browser (chrome, safari, opera or IE). This software has multiple contributors and is always changing so make sure to check in for the latest versions! 

In the first video here Paul walks you through downloading the software which you can do here: (http://ptzoptics.com/landing/open-source.html). Once you have the software downloaded you will need to ensure your computer has access to you camera on the network. Paul reviews how to use our IP Address Setting tool to locate your camera on your network and input your IP address into the open source software. 

In our latest version of the open source control software we have added a very easy PSD template for updating the icons and making them custom for your project. Watch the video below to learn just how easy it is to add your own custom buttons and give camera control to anyone with ease.