This is most likely caused by your wireless network being on a different IP scheme than the wired one. This is pretty common among networks.  Make sure the ranges are the same for the wifi and the wired ethernet. 

Discovering your Network IP range. 

    NOTE: Changing your IP address without talking to your network admin could lead to conflicts with your network. If you             change your address to one that is already in use it will cause communication problems. 

If you need to discover the IP address range of your network you can do so by using command prompt for Windows or Terminal for Macs. To do this on a PC, 

  1. Type “CMD” into your search bar in the Windows menu. You should see a black box pop up with the ability to type in the box.
  2. Type “ipconfig” and hit “Enter” on your keyboard you will see a bunch of information pop up in your command prompt. 

In this example, I have connected to a wireless network that is not in the same range as my wired one. you can see the IP ranges are not the same since one is 192.168.111 and the other is 192.168.100. So this would not work. 


In the next example, I have connected to the wireless network that is the same as my wired, so the IP ranges are the same. Doing this, I can control my cameras using the pantiltzoom app. 


I hope this helps explain things a bit.