OBS Controller Installation (Mac)

  1. Use the included USB A-B cable to connect the TallyLights™ Controller to your computer.
  2. Download and extract the OBS TallyLights™ Controller plugin. 
  3. Open a New Finder window and open the OBS Plugins folder. 
    1. Open the Applications folder and find the OBS.app file.
    2. Right click on this application and select “Show Package Contents”. 
    3. Browse this folder to Contents\Resources\obs-plugins.
  4. Copy the OBS TallyLights™ Controller plugin files to the OBS Plugins folder. These files are:
    1. TallyLights.lua
    2. TallyLightsUSB

OBS Controller Configuration

  1. Go to your Applications Folder and select “Show in Finder”.
  2. From there, find the OBS app and right click (CTRL+click) on OBS and select 

Show Package Contents >  Contents > Plugins. 


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  1. Copy the included files to the “PlugIns” folder for the OBS Studio application.

The files to be copied are:

  • Tally-Lights.lua
  • TallyLightUSB



  1. For all sources currently added in OBS Studio, there will be a tally assignment item added.

Please Note: If you have recently added Sources and they are not displayed, click the Refresh button on the script to reload it. A script dialog box may appear, but you can just close it. The new

sources should now be visible.


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  1. Assign Sources to a tally light. For example, the first source “Image 1” can be mapped to tally light 1 by setting its value to “1”.

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Please Note: Multiple sources can be mapped to the same tally light. For best results, use a separate Scene for each camera feed.