vMix Controller Installation

  1. Use the included USB A-B cable to connect the TallyLights™ Controller to your computer.
  2. Download the vMix TallyLights™ Controller software.
  3. Install the software using the wizard.
  4. By default, the install wizard creates the following folder when utilizing the vMix software video mixer program.
  1. “C:\Program files(x86)\Tally Lights LLC” (most software video mixers)


vMix Controller Configuration

  1. Open the mixing software on your computer.
  2. Add the cameras to the first 8 inputs of your vMix software video mixer.
  1. The cameras must be set to the first 1-8 sources to ensure compatibility with the controller.
  1. Setup is complete. The emitters will now trigger when set to Program and Preview through the mixing software.