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Add NDI later to a camera?

If I purchase a non-NDI PTZ camera now, can NDI be added later?  We currently have the SlingStudio system and want to add PTZ Optics cameras. The SlingStudio can’t utilize NDI. We may build a better system later & have it NDI capable, but not make the investment now.

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Hi Larry,

Absolutely, if you purchase a non-NDI model it will simply require the purchase of an NDI license to make it an NDI enabled camera.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to to return to the forums.

Awesome, Thanks for the reply!!


I am considering buying a PTZOptics 20X-SDI camera and upgrade it afterwards with a  NDI-HX license. Will the  camera then be 100 % equal to the 20X-NDI version in terms of SW and  HW? And can I expect exactly the same performance? 



The only difference between the SDI and NDI models is that the NDI models come with an NDI license applied to them. 

So if you were to upgrade your SDI camera by purchasing a NDI license it would be the same as having purchased an NDI model.

They have the same hardware and would use the same firmware.

I'm having trouble with the NDI firmware updater to my new 20x SDI camera.  I went to the place to download the update I plugged in my ser# but it gave me the link to the 24 software which is for the camera with existing NDI on it.  I read that i am to use the 25M software to upgrade a non SDI to NDI.  The 2018 instructions say I need to check the box to get the right software but there is no check box that I can find.  Here's what I got V600S_F2.HI_V6.2.83_24M_20191016.img Is that correct.  When I bought the camera they were suppose to update you with my serial# which allows me to download the NDI Firmware.




Hello John,

Chances are your camera is already on the latest firmware version and does not even need an update if it is a new camera. You can check what version your camera has in the web interface under the information section. The latest version for the PT20X-SDI-xx-G2 models is 6.2.83. 

That warning in the instructions would only apply to customers with older cameras that are just now upgrading them for use with NDI. For example a 20X SDI camera that has version 6.2.40 or later would not need the 25M version of the firmware.

As long as your camera has the latest firmware version you should be fine to go ahead and register your camera in NDI Studio Monitor. 

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