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NewTek NDI PTZ1 Camera with OBS Plugin


I bought a NDI PTZ1 Camera from NewTek.

Now, I want to use the Camera in OBS and the PTZ Optics plugin. Is it possible to use the plugin with this Camera? 

The NDI Plugin for the Video is working fine, but the Controller allways says "Connection Refused". Maybe, my problem is, that the WEB-UI is safed with a Passwort and I have no field, where I can type in the passwort in the plugin.

Thanks for your Help!

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Hi Luis,

Unfortunately I would not be able to claim if this would be compatible or not but I can provide some steps to aid in investigating this if you want.

To confirm compatibility you would need to do the following research...

  • Verify that the NewTek NDI PTZ1 is able to listen to VISCA over IP commands
  • Verify that the NewTek NDI PTZ1 is capable of listening for TCP commands
  • Verify that the NewTek NDI PTZ1 is capable of having the TCP control port assigned to port 5678
  • Verify that the NDI PTZ1 VISCA over IP commands match the PTZOptics VISCA over IP Commands
    Note not every command has to match, just the ones you intend to use from the OBS Plugin

I hope that these steps can help you identify the level of compatibility between the plugin and your camera.

If you do find this to be possible, even to some degree, we would love to hear about it for other people in the production world.

If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to return to the forums.

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