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onComplete or onSuccess event

Is there slome kind onComplete or onSuccess event that is provided by a camera once it’s finished repositioning between switching presets?
I use two 20x NDI cameras to record council meetings. When changing speakers, I first show an overview image via camera 1. Once camera 2 is rotated to the correct preset position, camera 1 turns off and the image from camera 2 is displayed.
This is triggered by a button on the Stream Deck.

Hi Koen,

When recalling a preset the camera will provide an ACK, acknowledgement, of the preset recall command being executed followed by completion once movement has ended.

This feedback is only available when using TCP communications on the PTZOptics cameras.

Please see an example below where the PTZOptics VISCA over IP command for Preset 1 is called, provides ACK and then provides a completion response once movement has finished.

When using a StreamDeck, support for TCP and VISCA over IP can be added using the free BitFocus Companion application. 

I unfortunately have not been able to test using the Companion solution for interaction with TCP responses but short of custom coding it is likely the best option to explore this idea.

As you explore this please do not hesitate to return back to the forums with any questions, concerns or ideas and we'll be happy to discuss them with.

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Thanx for the info and for putting me in the right direction!
I'll dive into it.

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