The PTZOptics cameras can all be put into a DHCP or Dynamic IP mode as long as they have the most recent firmware. If none of these work for you, please feel free to put in a ticket. 

  • This method will only work on the SDI and NDI native model cameras. Use the IR remote control and press Pound (#) then Star (*) then 4. You should see the camera reboot, and when it comes back up, it should have the DHCP address. You can double check its IP address by using the IR remote control and pressing Star (*), then Pound (#), and then 4. This should show you the current IP address on top of all video outputs of the camera. 

  • Set the camera to be DHCP would be to go into the IP interface and change the IP configuration type to be a "Dynamic IP address" instead of a fixed one. This method only works if you already have access to the camera over the network, so we don't see many people use it. 

  • Set to DHCP is to use our IP address setting tool. If you search and find our cameras using the tool, you can right click on the IP address and select "Config". At the top, you can change the Mode at the top to be "DHCP" instead of "Manual". The camera should reboot and then be up at the Dynamic address.