If lights appear to flicker or dance when looking at the video feed from your PT30X camera, you may need to change the anti-flicker options in the cameras On screen menu. the PT30X's have this option set to 50Hz by default and this may cause this issue depending on the lights you are using. fixing this issue is easily done and can be seen below.

  1. Make sure you are looking at the video feed coming from the camera (over SDI, HDMI, or NETWORK)
  2. Pull up the on screen menu on the video feed. this can be done in a few ways listed below.
    • Press the menu button on the included IR remote.
    • For the G2 serial joystick call preset 95
    • For the G3 serial and IP joystick press the OSD button
    • In the cameras browser interface underneath the controls you will see a drop down that says "PTZ" change that to "OSD"
  3. Once in this menu option the "exposure" option which is the first option on this menu.
  4. Where it says "anti-flicker", change the value from 50Hz to 60Hz and exit the menu.
    • If the camera is already set to 60Hz change this value to 50Hz.
  5. If you are still having this issue after changing this setting please reach out to the support department.

Support can be reached M-F 8AM-6PM EST.