The PTZOptics Producer kit is plug and play with a few caveats. 

Make sure to get the one applicable for your operating system, all the Producer Plus kits have Windows 10. 

  • You will need a software to pull in the camera feeds. Vmix, OBS , and Wirecast are the big ones we see most people using. 

  • The Windows 10 update released on 12/17/19 knocked out the Windows Thunderbolt driver on these machines. So if you are using the kit after this date, you may need to re-install that driver.  The link for it is below. 
  • Once this is downloaded and unzipped, you need to go into device manager where you should see a "Base System Device" under other devices with a yellow exclamation point above it. Right-click this, go to update driver, select from your computer, and then point it to the folder you just unzipped. You will need to reboot the computer after this.
  • Once that is done, you still need to go into your Thunderbolt Center on the machine and make sure the enclosure it is set to always be on. 

If you are having issues with the control of any cameras past the first camera using the HC JOY G3, you may need to change a setting in the camera. If you go into the cameras OSD (menu button on IR remote control), go to communication setup and select Netmode to be serial for each camera. You also need to make each camera a different Visca address. That should allow control to work for each camera individually from the HC JOY G3. 

If you are still having difficulty, please contact Support

Support can be reached M-F 8AM-6PM EST.