This article will cover bringing the RTSP feed of the camera into some commonly used Video Mixing software (OBS, vMix, and Wirecast).

Please Note: In order to access the RTSP feed, your camera will need to be connected to your network and have an IP address set in the range of your local network. If you have not already set your camera up on the network you can refer to this guide here

When using the Network video output from the camera you can adjust the output resolution and framerate from the Video section of the camera’s web interface. We have a guide that goes over the video settings when using the RTSP feed here.


To add the RTSP feed of a camera into OBS, click on the + button in the sources window located in the bottom left of OBS.

Then select Media Source

Choose Create new and name the source whatever you would like, then press OK.

This will open the Properties window

Uncheck the "Local File", "Restart playback when source becomes active", and "Show nothing when playback ends" checkboxes.

This will make the Input field appear. In the Input field, you need to enter the RTSP string.

This will have the form of: rtsp://, replace with the IP address of your camera.

Click OK and the RTSP feed will connect.

After the camera has been added as a source in OBS you may need to click Cut to get the feed to show up in the preview window.


Choose Add Input in the bottom left corner of vMix.

Then select Stream/SRT in the Input Select window. 

Leave the Stream Type set to RTSP over UDP.

Then enter the RTSP URL which has the format of: rtsp://, replacing with the IP address of your camera.

Click OK and the RTSP feed will start coming into vMix as an input.


Add a new Layer and choose Network from the side.

Then select New Web Stream

That will open the Web Stream Properties window.

In this window, you need to enter the RTSP URL in the box labeled URI.

The RTSP URL will have the following format: rtsp://, just replace with the IP address of your camera

Click Apply and the RTSP feed will connect.