This article goes over controlling the PT-WEBCAM-80 and the PT-WEBCAM-80-V2 using the webcam config app when using MAC.

If you are using this camera with Windows, please click HERE.

  1. Make sure you have the right camera:
  • PT-WEBCAM-80 can be found here:

  • PT-WEBCAM-80-V2 can be found here:

  1. If you have a V1 camera you may need to update its firmware to be able to use the app, in order to do this you will have to reach out to support for the update.
  2. Once you are sure you have the correct camera or that your camera is on the correct firmware you will need to download the webcam config app.

  1. When the tool is open you want to select the camera using the drop-down at the list bottom and hit "Open Camera" as seen below.

  2. In the UVC settings, you should be able to control the camera Pan/Tilt/Zoom plus other features.

Please Note: To use the Pan and Tilt features with the camera, you will have to Zoom first.

  1. Use "Uvc Restore Default" to reset to the default settings.
  2. Please contact support if you are having any issues and if there is anything we can help with