This article goes over the suggested approach to make 2 or more cameras' colors  match using a  White Balance Filter .

  1. Make sure your cameras are up to date.
    1. Make sure the cameras are on the latest firmware to make sure and that they have all the color options available.
    2. Firmware for the cameras can be found HERE and instructions on how to update the firmware can be found in each camera's firmware bundle.
  2. Make sure the cameras exposure settings are the same.
    1. Use the cameras on-screen menu (the menu that shows up on the cameras video feed) under Exposure.
    2. In most cases, setting the same values found in the exposure menu will match the colors across cameras. This isn't always certain if the cameras have different lighting.
  3. Purchase a white balance filter.
    1. Using a White Balance Filter (linked HERE) is the most effective solution that's been found to date. Nearly every customer that tries this method finds success using this tool 
  4. Setting up one push on the camera.
    1. The video HERE goes over how the White Balance mode works and how to set it up. Please note this video does this process with a white piece of paper which can be done, but for best results, we suggest using the white balance filter linked above.
    2. The process is as follows. Please note: It is better to do this with 2 people if the camera is mounted or to have direct access to the camera when setting.
  1. Open the cameras on-screen menu. If using the remote press the menu button, when using a joystick, use the OSD button. If using the software, use the PTZ/OSD menu button.
  2. Go down to the Color option on this menu and enter it (for the remote that is the home button, OSD enter on the joystick(s), and the enter button next to the menu button on the software).
  3. Once in the Color menu, the first option is "WB mode". Go to the right until this says One-Push.
  4. Put the White Balance Filter in front of the camera lens.
  5. Press enter while the cursor is on the one push option.
  6. The camera will say "Calculating" then go back to the color menu when done. Make sure to have the filter over the lens the entire time.
  7. At this point, you will see the colors of the camera change.
  8. You will want to repeat the steps with all the cameras you have until they look the same.

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