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Hey guys. I have installed the magwell, with the ptxoptics 30x camera over sdi. Getting no video. Getting audio through the Shure mvi though

Hi David,

Which Magewell product are you using with the PTZOptics camera?

I've recently set up the producer kit on OBS. I'm using the Shure MV1 as an audio input. It is connected to our sound board via an XRL mic cable. When we record or stream online there is a low buzzing sound in the background. Is there a way to get rid of it?

Hi Ryan,

Let's see if we can;t help you eliminate that low buzzing sound.

Look at your gain staging and make sure that nothing is too hot resulting in bringing the noise floor up as you're describing.

I would use the "Flat" "Mode" option on the MVi and then adjust the level from the front panel to try and eliminate the buzzing.

Investigate the cabling to make sure there aren't any bad connections / connectors and damaged cables in the mix.

Lastly check that the MVi is set for an appropriate level within Windows Sounds Settings

I hope that one of the above options works to solve this issue... if it does not please let us know and we'll be happy to continue assisting.

Is there an OBS plug-in that will work with a USB PTZOptics 20x in USB mode?

Ryan, I don't know if you fixed this or not. But we had the same issue and how I fixed it was by adding a noise suppression filter to the audio in OBS. Just play with the slider until the hum is gone! 

You enable hotkeys for the camera selection

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