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OBS Plugin not saving my settings

Hi Guys,

Running a 20x NDI Camera with OBS software. I went ahead and installed the OBS Plugin and it works great! It will connect to and operate/control my camera with zero issues, But everytime i close the program and then reload it, it returned all the settings back at the original settings and i have to start from scratch. 

Is there a way to save my settings or am i missing something? 


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Hi Steven,

Currently this is a limitation of the software architecture and unfortunately not a bug.

It is something the programming team is looking at solving but I do not believe a "quick fix" is going to be possible.

I'll do my best to update this topic when new information on persistent settings becomes available.


Is there a fix for this issue yet?

Still no fix.? Really this is a bad app if i have to reset the presets on 2 cameras every time i use it. 

Hi Steven, Arsani and W,

This issue has been resolved in the currently available version of the PTZOptics Mac & PC OBS Plugin. 

This requires the latest version of Catalina and the latest version of OBS for proper operation.

Please let us know if you have any issues.

Since this was recently resurrected is anyone else have issues saving to Preset 3? All the other work but that one doesn't seem too, tested on multiple cameras. 

Hi Caleb,

The original issue talked about in the original post has been resolved. 

The issue you mention where Preset #3 does not function correctly is a separate but know bug. 

We are working on a fix for it and will post an update here when it is corrected.

Also having the issue with preset #3 searched for a solution but didn't find one yet. 

Hi Dan,

We are working on a fix for the issue with preset #3. Hopefully the new update for the OBS plugin will be released soon.

In the meantime you can use the standalone camera control app. The standalone tool does not have the issue with Preset #3. 

It has the same format as the OBS plugin so you could open it up alongside OBS.

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