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Virtual camera tracking via VISCA


I'm currently working on a multicam green screen studio and planning to use the  Aximmetry software to render the virtual cameras.

I had an opportunity to try a PTZ Optics for a week and succeeded to request the zoom and pan/tilt values via VISCA over IP using the commands CAM_ZoomPosInq and CAM_PanTiltPosInq.

I didn't had enough time to test it completely. So before buying 3 cams I was wondering if you could tell me if those values are really usable to convert the camera motors values to degrees and zoom value ? And what are their responsiveness ?

Other questions, I already know that I will need some infos and dimensions that I can't find on the manuals in order to calibrate the virtual cameras : sensor usable size, sensor position inside the camera and it's offset with the center of rotation. The angle of view (or focal length) relative to the zoom value. And some information about the lens distortion values.

I'll be glad if you have some informations about all that.

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Hi Remi,

Let’s start exploring some answers to what you need to move forward with the Aximmetry solution, which does look impressive.

The CAM_ZoomPosInq will provide absolute values that can be directly input for direct Zoom location calls.

The CAM_PanTiltPosInq will only provide relative values in respect to the camera’s previous location.

Example: If the camera moves from HOME (0,0) to any other location it will provide you with “absolute values” that can be used to direct the Pan and Tilt to that exact location.

If the camera starts from any position, other than HOME, it will provide you the value to move that relative X and Y distance to the new location. As a result, these values cannot be directly input as absolute X, Y values for Pan and Tilt.

In regard to accuracy you will find that using direct calls will provide an accuracy of 0.1 degrees.

I have attached some documentation for you on the P/T/Z movement space that I hope will aid in working with the Aximmetry software. If you have any clarification questions please don't hesitate to ask.

One is a chart showcasing the absolute movement space down to 0.1 degrees for Pan and Tilt in a grid form (zipped)

One is a simple chart of some general absolute values (pdf)

One is a calculator for direct Pan, Tilt and Zoom commands for TCP/UDP or HTTP control of the cameras movement. (xlsx)

For the additional information you are requesting it would be helpful to know which model of PTZOptics camera(s) you are currently evaluating… once I have this information I will be happy to assist you further.


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I am exploring some of these options myself for a project. Found this post and am very curious if you ever got it to work properly.

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