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This thread has been created for end users to discuss the topic of compatibility between the PTZOptics camera line and VLC software.

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I am trying to find VLC setup information in your knowledge base as indicated in the camera documentation? I Have Mozilla installed...

Hi Gerald,

Thank you for reaching out to us for support with VLC and the PTZOptics camera(s).

Unfortunately Mozilla has dropped support for NPAPI which is required to run VLC within the Mozilla browser.

Currently the only option for having a live preview from the cameras WebUI within a web browser is to utilize Internet Explorer (not EDGE)

If you download the PTZOptics ActiveX component and install it you can use the IE Dropdown option to preview the live feed

ActiveX Download Link:

There are a few other options depending on how you would like to use the live preview that may be worth investigating.

Simply a Preview...

VLC, the stand alone application, allows you to view the live feed using RTSP from the camera.

If you open VLC and from the Media drop down menu select "Open Network Stream" we can use the following RTSP URLs to see the preview.

Stream 1: rtsp://<cameras ip>:554/1

Stream 2: rtsp://<cameras ip>:554/2

Note: simply replace <cameras ip> with the current IP address of your camera. 

Example: Cameras IP is we would use the following URL to pull Stream 1   rtsp://

Preview and Control...

PTZOptics offers free software to preview and control your camera via the network.

PTZOptics Control Software - 

There is also a free software called Onvif Device Manager that is able to discover, preview and control the cameras .

ONVIF Device Manager - 

If you have any followup questions or even questions of a different nature please don't hesitate to come back and inquire.

On an iMac, what is the best/easiest way to get a multiview display? The only way I have figured out so far is to use the command line in a terminal window to launch multiple instances of VLC. I am trying to have RTSP preview of my 3 SDI 30x cameras.

The PTZOptics Control Software preview function does not work on my Mac. In fact, when I select Preview from the menu, it causes the app to crash, with the only way out of it being to Force Quit the app.

Hello David,

To see a multiview of several different camera's RTSP feeds, I would recommend using software like OBS instead of VLC.

Here are instructions for bringing the RTSP feed into OBS. 

OBS has a multiview feature built in and it is fairly easy to configure. 

Just go to View and then choose either Multiview (Fullscreen) or Multiview (Windowed).

And the control app crashing on Mac when viewing the preview, is something that has been solved with the newest version of the app (v1.4).

So I would recommend downloading and installing the latest version.

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