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This thread has been created for end users to discuss the topic of PTZOptics potentially adding a 4K capable camera to the line.

Please make sure to respect the experience level(s) of all users at all times when posting within our forums or your account may have access removed.

Currently PTZOptics cameras provide outputs up to 1080@60.

Please provide any thoughts or feelings on the potential addition of a camera, or cameras, with a maximum output of 4K@30 and or possible 4K@60

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I would also like to add that if we are adding 4k I would please ask that it be done via a 12g sdi. I prefer 12g sdi as I would not have to run two or four seperate 3g sdi cables minimizing cost. I know that you can do 4k via hdmi but that would need to be converted to HDbaseT anyway and then reconverted at the other end. For this reason I would suggest offering a HDBaseT directly out of the camera along with 12G and 3G-sdi outputs. With all that said. Latency reduction over 4k would be what I would ask for. Getting the latency to sub 60ms out of the camera is crucial for IMAG as this allows for installation of matrix switches, live switches, and outputting to multiple destinations. Truth is most wouse of worship and/or non studio uses would do both streaming and IMAG. For streaming a little latency is not that bad as we can always adjust the audio but if we wish to do IMAG , the. This becomes crucial.
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