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This thread has been created for end users to discuss the topic of PTZOptics potentially adding a 4K capable camera to the line.

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Currently PTZOptics cameras provide outputs up to 1080@60.

Please provide any thoughts or feelings on the potential addition of a camera, or cameras, with a maximum output of 4K@30 and or possible 4K@60

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I would also like to add that if we are adding 4k I would please ask that it be done via a 12g sdi. I prefer 12g sdi as I would not have to run two or four seperate 3g sdi cables minimizing cost. I know that you can do 4k via hdmi but that would need to be converted to HDbaseT anyway and then reconverted at the other end. For this reason I would suggest offering a HDBaseT directly out of the camera along with 12G and 3G-sdi outputs. With all that said. Latency reduction over 4k would be what I would ask for. Getting the latency to sub 60ms out of the camera is crucial for IMAG as this allows for installation of matrix switches, live switches, and outputting to multiple destinations. Truth is most wouse of worship and/or non studio uses would do both streaming and IMAG. For streaming a little latency is not that bad as we can always adjust the audio but if we wish to do IMAG , the. This becomes crucial.

In December/January, I'm looking to have a number of PTZ cameras, but for my use, I'm not going to buy anything less than 4k @ 60fps. I'd much prefer not having to spend the money on a Panasonic. Depending on the price range, I'd buy 3-4 cameras from PTZ Optics if you offered a 4k 60 model (preference to 12G-SDI, as it likely will be a Blackmagic setup, but I could convert from NDI.

I'd love to have the option to use broadcast rates as well, but that isn't as big a deal. Jason's comment about a low latency are also important.

It is hard to gauge this, as most people won't want to make an account just to say "I'm interested in a feature you don't have", but I'm probably not the only one who has lurked, does want 4k, but just didn't create an account to post.

Hi Brian,

Given the time frame you have mentioned there is likely to be 4K@30 options available but not a 4K@60 option.

This is something we are working on but currently we do not have an available ETA for a model as requested.

If there is anything else I can offer as information or support please let me know and I will be happy to assist to the best of my abilities.

Thank you for that info Matthew. My anticipated workflow may take me up to 5 PTZ cameras, but I wouldn't be starting with that. And it is possible a 4K@30 could be used in that flow, but that would leave me with 2 $10k Panasonic AW-UE150 cameras. Not ideal, and it would mean that any additional PTZ Optics cameras would need to be at Broadcast rates of 59.94 and 29.97 to match the fps of the Panasonic.

If in December it looks like a 4K@60 is on the horizon, I may adjust some planning to buy 2 more cameras when available (that is to say I'm not a guaranteed loss of sales on 3 cameras if development and production can push out a new model, so I'd still vote for a 4K@60). But I do need to have multiple cameras purchased by January. 

From what we read here; this thread began 11 months ago.


We are impressed with PTZOptics as a company and really like the PT30X-NDI and would be buying and testing them today if they were offered in 4k. As it is not, we will be buying the Panasonic AW-UE4. When 4k is offered by PTZOptics we will certainly buy, test and deploy should those tests prove to be as good as we expect.

Are you any closer to having a 4k PTZ camera version?

Hi Eric,,

Yes, we are getting closer.

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